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Issued in Public Interest

Fraudulent Activities of India Book of Records, In name of our great country "INDIA".

We would like to bring your notice that a World record university which is operating from Faridabad, owned by a Fake doctor, has been issuing illegal doctorates.


This university is not recognized. The registration number that they kept is only a copyright number, required to operate any organization from UK.


This university is charging Rs.80,000/- to 2,00,000/- from record holders.


Its base operations are from India only. 


We are providing the document evidence and please list this university in fake university category and save innocent people from being getting cheated.


Issuing doctorates for records, how can it be possible?


We request concerned authorities to take action against cheaters of India book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Nepali Book of Records, Vietnam book of records. This guy is a fraud and earned crores of rupees by selling doctorates.

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Facts about IBR fake rumors policy:

India Book of Records is a private organization like any other organization.

RNI number is not required for any records organization/company to function.

Anyone can sell a book in any eCommerce website if you have ISBN number.

India Book, Asia Book and World Records University are defaming other records organizations as fake to make his own business run.

If you call them, their staff tells other records as fake. They are the only white milk. Pay them get record.

IBR is not runs by Government of India.

India Book of records have started selling certificates in name of appreciation. You can get certificate for doing anything/ nothing.

Please do not believe in the false rumours that are spread by India Book of Records.
They Are not a Governing body nor they are the authority to verify any records authenticity.

In future if needed, We can go to any extent, Any strike to expose those cheaters.


Motive behind their fake publicity?


They have listed almost every record website / books name as fake record book, hired SEO professional to optimize that particular page. If any person searches any of the record organizations name mentioned in the same list will appear in search engine like google & etc. By which they can get some cheap publicity and make some money.



Lastly, record making is not our business, this is our passion. We condemn such hypocrisy and mental illness to gain some business using dirty policy. Hope they get well soon. 


Issued By the

Directors of URF World Records Pvt. Ltd.

URF World Records Pvt. Ltd.

(Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt of India)

CIN - U74999WB2019PTC234954

MSME Government of India Registration No - 


*(All disputes are subject to Kolkata jurisdiction only)*

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