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World Wide Media Coverage

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle"

~ Marilyn Monroe


URF thrives to provide the best platform to all the amazing talented people around the world. We would like to proudly announce that our record holders are now performing in famous international shows and television channels. Their fame is our success story.


With URF record, you can move one step ahead than others. You can set a milestone, and be the new star of the generation. More than 500 URF record holders are now widely acclaimed because of their extreme talents and breathtaking performances. We at URF are ever determined to create the largest network of world record holders. We would like to thank all media channels, magazines and newspapers for the immense support and our members for believing in us and making it a successful endeavour.

Find our record holders on leading media platforms

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URF Record Holders are performing in various internationally renowned Television Channels -


Discovery HRX Heroes

Zee Celebrity Challenge

Ugram Ujjwalam

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