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Terms & Conditions

  • Universal Records Forum is an open society for talented people.Its a Platform to Showcase your talent Freely without any cost...
    our society is working all the time for social works and helping NGO's also.

  • We never support & never accept any harmful or risky record attempt.

  • We give Free Certificate to all of our record holders Yearly to appreciate their talents.

  • We are planning to publish our book contains all the record,by which record holders can get more options to show their hardwork.

  • We Runs by the record holder ,and For the upcoming record holders.

  • submitting your records at (URF) you have to accept our T&C.

  • We can use your record details for publicity.

  • We can share your record info with media.

  • Record holder will receive their Yearly Free Certificate by showing their record approval code.

  • URF is an independent company, where every member is equal irrespective of religion/cast/color/economy/nationality.

  • Any Processing charges are subject to GST at the rate of 18% as per the government directive.

Until you read and accept all sections of this Agreement, URF in no way encourages,
authorizes or permits any Record Attempt to be carried out and we will have absolutely
no connection with or authorize any Record Attempt carried out before such acknowledgement.

Terms And Conditions (Applicable for "URF" World, Asian & National Records)

These terms and conditions shall apply to your Record Attempt. You agree that in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants given in this Agreement (the sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged), that all preparations for, undertaking of and consequences of, your Record Attempt shall be governed by the following provisions.

Please read this Terms and Conditions carefully before registering for Universal Records Forum World and Asian Records. The information provided by Universal Records Forum {URF WORLD RECORDS PVT LTD (Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt of India) CIN - U74999WB2019PTC234954 GSTIN -19AACCU5243Q1ZP   PAN - AACCU5243Q }, is subject to the participant's acceptance to the terms and conditions below. If the participant do not accept these terms and conditions, the participant would be ineligible to enter

1. General Rules

If any of the people undertaking the Record Attempt are under 18 years of age or considered a minor in the jurisdiction of the Record Attempt, you must have your parent or guardian read these Terms and agree on your behalf that your Record Attempt is subject to these Terms. If you are considered a minor in your jurisdiction at the time you read and accept this document and your parent or legal guardian has not read and accepted this document or the relevant jurisdiction does not recognize the validity of documents signed by parents or legal guardians on behalf of minors, your Record Attempt will not be valid or recognized by URF.

If you are a company, organization or group of people (“Group”), this Agreement must be read, agreed and accepted by a person who has been nominated by the Group as the representative and with the authority to enter into this Agreement on their behalf and only one person per Group may be nominated to act in such capacity.

2. Safety First

You acknowledge that the Record Attempt, (even when conducted in accordance with the Guidelines and any safety advice as may be received by you from time to time) may be dangerous to you and others and you acknowledge and agree that you will be entirely responsible, at all stages of the Record Attempt for:

deciding whether or not to proceed with; 

all safety aspects in relation to the preparation for and/or the undertaking of;

any and all injury to yourself or others which is caused by, the Record Attempt.

You have, at your sole expense, taken all appropriate professional safety advice in relation to all aspects of risk and safety connected with the Record Attempt including but not limited to:

identifying any possible risks to yourself, other participants and any spectators; 

identifying and obtaining medical and other resources that will be readily accessible at the location of the Record Attempt; and

taking all necessary precautions and measures either identified in such advice or in accordance with health and safety guidelines issued by any relevant person, body or authority.

You agree that except where arising out of URF negligence URF, its agents, Managements, Juries, Trustees, and subsidiaries will have no responsibility for the safety of any part of the record attempt and will not be liable to you or your personal representatives for any loss, damage or injury to yourself or the group, or your or the group’s property in connection with the record attempt. You also agree to indemnify URF against claims by third parties for injuries arising out of your record attempt.

Any safety advice provided to you by URF will be by way of example only, non-exhaustive and will in no way detract from your responsibilities set out herein.

Any Guidelines sent to you by URF will merely contain a definition of the Record Attempt you will be undertaking and are in no way intended to provide any kind of safety advice or to be construed as providing any comfort to you that the Record Attempt is free from risk.

3. Adjudication and Authentication

Decision of URF Management is final regarding any record attempt, No third Party can challenge against URF decision.


You may request that a URF adjudicator or Jury attend your Record Attempt. URF will be under no obligation to agree to such a request but if so, URF may require that you pay a fee and expenses, which may include at URF’s sole determination, airfare, accommodation and daily attendance fee for the adjudicator. If URF agrees to provide an adjudicator for your Record Attempt, it is agreed that the parties will enter into a separate agreement for such services.

URF will provide you with Guidelines in relation to your Record Attempt. You understand that the Guidelines send to you will be appropriate for achieving a record recognized by URF as at the date when the Guidelines are sent out to you and that these Guidelines are not intended to replace common sense or professional advice regarding issues related to safety in connection with the Record Attempt.

URF will, at its sole discretion, decide whether any Record Attempt has been successfully completed in accordance with any Guidelines sent to you (“Record”), and note that in the event of any dispute in relation to The interpretation of the Guidelines or the success of a Record, URF’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into. You agree that URF will have no liability for any loss suffered by you or the Group as a result of URF deciding that you have or have not been successful in any Record Attempt.

Being an Autonomous Body, URF only consider its own database for record verification and acceptance process.

If any discrepancy is found with regards to the above documents, URF has the right to completely disqualify the Record holder, and record holder may face lifetime ban from URF.

4. Support Materials and Evidence

Before you make your Record Attempt, you must have received the Guidelines for the record you intend to break or set. With the Guidelines you will also receive two 'Schedules' which relate to the supporting evidence and materials you have to submit with your claim (the “Evidence”).

Following completion of your Record Attempt, you must submit Evidence in accordance with the guidance specified in Schedule One in order to enable URF to decide whether or not your Record Attempt has been successful.

 To the extent that you own intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in the Evidence, you hereby:

agree to waive unconditionally any moral rights you may have in relation to the Evidence, such that, without limitation, URF has no obligation to identify you as the author or creator of the Evidence and you will have no right to object to the manner in which URF treats the Evidence.

You agree that if the documentation you provide is not sufficient we may reject your claim for insufficient evidence and destroy the material you sent in within one month. Further, you agree that it is your responsibility to make sure we receive a full claim.


The “URF” reserves the right to in its sole discretion to edit, withhold or delete any content (e.g., photographs, videos, posts, tips) posted to this Page, of the type set forth below:

Content that appears to be copied or otherwise plagiarized from another source
Content which is offensive, illegal, fraudulent, misleading, harmful, threatening as determined by the Company in its sole discretion, nor can it defame or invade publicity rights or privacy rights of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or proprietary rights (including Religious, National or Social sentiments).
Content which contains references to competitors’ products/claims.
Content which contains Adverse Event regarding use of the Company or its affiliates' products.
Content that gives suggestions/ideas for product/packs/advertisement and any such advice not solicited by the Company. If however, such content is submitted, they shall become the property of the Company without compensation or notice.
Content that is libelous, obscene, fraudulent, misleading, harmful, threatening otherwise illegal or offensive.

5. Successful Record

If your Record Attempt is considered and authorized by URF as being successful URF will provide you with a certificate recognizing the Record and it will be included in the Database.

URF may, at its sole discretion, allow details of your Record to be given to third parties, including the media and the general public.

URF will be under no obligation to include the Record, or any details in relation to it, in any edition of the URF World Records book or any other Company publication, website, television show or other medium in which the Company exploits its brand but if it is included, you acknowledge that the Company (or its third party licensees) will not be liable in any way for any error in respect of any details associated with the Record or the Record Claimant.

6. Warranty and Indemnity

You warrant and undertake to us:

That all information that you submit to URF in association with the Record Attempt will, to the best of your knowledge, be true and accurate in all respects; 

that you are fully entitled to grant a licence (or sub-licence as applicable) in material submitted to us and that nothing in the contribution (whether by way of inflection or gesture or otherwise) will infringe the copyright, right of privacy, right of publicity, trade marks or any other right of any person, breach any contract or duty of confidence, constitute a contempt of court, be defamatory or be calculated to bring any person into disrepute; and

You hereby indemnify on demand and hold harmless URF , its agents, Managements, Juries, Trustees, and subsidiaries from and against any and all losses, demands, claims, damages, costs, and liabilities suffered or incurred by URF as a result of a claim by a third party arising out of your breach of any provision of these Terms.

7. General Provisions

You agree that all Evidence and personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act ) provided by you to URF (including your name, contact details, age and occupation) will be held and used by URF and its affiliates and licensees for the purposes of:

   processing your application to undertake a Record Attempt; 

   publishing and marketing any of URF’s publications; and

   exploiting the URF brand in any other media.; 

You hereby consent to the transfer of such personal data to any URF duly authorised licensee and/or any URF duly authorised representative including to countries.

If any term, condition or provision of these Terms is determined to be unlawful, invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms, conditions and provisions will not in any way be affected or impaired.

 This Agreement may be freely assigned or licensed by URF without your consent.

 This Agreement and all matters arising out of your record attempt will be governed and construed in accordance with the law of England & Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, and you waive any and all objections you might otherwise have to venue, or to the personal jurisdiction of the English courts.

8.Right to Cancel

URF Management can cancel any records attempt if found illegal or forged.

Code of conduct – Any abusive words or disrespect to any URF official will strictly issue Lifetime Ban from applying or participating any event of URF.



We reserve the right, without giving prior notice, to make changes and amendments in this legal notice in the future. Please check back periodically, and especially before you provide any personally identifiable information.

All disputes shall be subject to Kolkata jurisdiction only. By entering the, all participants accept and agree to the above terms and conditions. Non-acceptance of any of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification of the participant. This Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. In case of any dispute Kolkata Courts will have Jurisdictions.


(Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt of India)

CIN - U74999WB2019PTC234954 GSTIN -19AACCU5243Q1ZP   PAN - AACCU5243Q

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