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URF World Talent Festival 2016, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

3rd September, 2016 Kolkata : Universal Records Forum (URF) successfully conducted its 2nd grand annual function in Kolkata, Mohit Moitra Mancha. Universal Records Forum (URF) was founded in February 2014 as a society by a group of World Records holders, who felt that the many talented people in the world are left unrecognized due to lack of resources and opportunities. To motivate and encourage such unsung heroes of modern world and provide them the global stage, the organization took shape. Now in a span of just two years, it not only became the world’s best in the records management industry but also executed many prestigious partnership with world’s leading entities, namely with Georgian World Records (under Georgia Ministry of Defense), Martial Arts World Cup 2015, Martial Arts Authority of India, PAWS, International University of Martial Arts Education (Registered by Govt. of India), College of World Martial Arts Iran and University of World Martial Arts Iran – all for the service of talented world citizens !

URF want to create a huge record database by maintaining professionalism under every record categories and take this foundation to the best level. We only deal with records and outstanding talents from all over the universe. Our duty is to honored the talent with proper deserved respect.

More than 150 talented World Record Holders attended the grand function from different states of the country. Top 30 talents has been crowned URF top talent of the year award on event venue. 10 Personalities had received Lifetime Achievement Award including Mr.Asia Tushar sil and Son of India football legend Gostho Pal. Diana Silvester (VP of Asia Net) has received URF Women’s  of the year award 2016. Different performers performed their magical tricks and mind-blowing performance in front of all Kolkata audience. Program started with harmonica play by Soham Mukherjee, Vinod from kerala juggles audience heart with his outstanding juggling show, Iron man of india Roji Antony broke 19mm iron rod, Sharad and Bharat Gandhi of gujrat amazed everyone by their non verbal communication, Martial Arts guru Saidalvi K.V showed awesome martial arts tricks and broken 79 coconuts on his head, Students from Balakrishna Matric High school tamilnadu played Ghatam and Bucket, Anil Kumar mesmerizing kicking performance owned all the audience heart and in the end Magician Saju Velukunel glorified the event by his magical performance. Many honorable person was present during the grand event and experienced the magic of hidden talents. Shri Nirangshu Pal (Ex footballer) & Shri Chandi Chatterjee (Ex Footballer) were also impressed by the football juggling performance of vinod. Behalf of URF management Dr.Bhanu Pratap Singh (President) Mr.Sunil Joseph (Editor) & Mr.Suvodeep Chatterjee (VP,CEO) was presented the annul awards. Jr.Big B from Raipur Mr.Ashok Maloo was the key interest of event night.

All the below mentioned honorable person were felicitated by URF Management –

Shri. Sobhandev Chattopadhyay (Minister of power)
Swami Paramatmananda Maharaj (Famous Spiritual Leader)
Shri. Joydeep Mukherjee (Advocate Supreme Court and high court)
Smt. Mala Roy (chairperson Kolkata corporation)
Shri. Pradip majumdar
Dr. Santanu sen (state secretary medical association, Councillor)
Shri. Ashok Kumar Ghosh Roy (Chief Editor Promar Parosh Patrika)
Shri. Tushar sil (Mr.Asia in bodybuilding)
Shri. Goutam halder (chief advisor URF, Councillor ward - 4)
Smt. Sunanda Mukherjee (chairman state women’s commission)
Shri. Krishna pratap singh (President TMC JHB)
Dr.Debashis Mondal  (Dean of music , RBU)
Shri Nirangsu Pal (Ex footballer)
Shri Chandi Chatterjee (Ex Footballer)

URF World Talent Festival 2016, Kochin, Kerala, India

1st November, 2016 Kochin : After the grand success of kolkata talent fest, Universal Records Forum (URF) has successfully conducted its 3rd grand annual function in Kochin, Kerala. This is the first talent hunt event on houseboat that too in famous backwaters. More than 200 record holders were present and participated. Many famous personalities from Kerala were present such as film star Guinness Pakru, Prijesh Kannan, Meenakshi etc. being the one of the world's leading record authority, URF again helped talented people to explore their inner god gifted talent through the world talent festival. All the 200 record holders were flying high with a chance to introduce themselves in front of national media. Traditional Lunch buffet on Boat added the emphatic south shade during the event. All the participant were taken part in traditional ceremony and successfully finished the festival.

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