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Most Websites In 13 Hours

A School dropout, 18 years old guy, Mohit Jain, who is already known for creating a website for Anna Hazare to fight against corruption, has now successfully attempted records by creating 36 websites (including booking the domain, hosting the content on their server and designing of the website) in less than 14 hours (including 01:17:00 break time). It was a dream of Mr. Mohit Jain to create a world record. Prathik Jain who was a Facebook friend of him helped through this journey starting from venue to the record approval. The WF1008– An event to attempt, took place in Akshaya Institute of Technology (AIT), Tumkur, Karnataka on April 05th & 6th 2014. * WF1008 Team: Prathik Jain, Padmanaban, Arunachalam, Narendra, Akshith, Amish Jain, Vikesh Lodha and Mohit Jain

Record Code - URFREC160005

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