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Most Number of Carvings on Different Material

L.Eswar Rao made different types of unique work. most number of carvings on different material. 1. *Soap Carving* 2. *Stone Carving* 3. *Wood Carving* 4. *Water filter Candle Carving* 5. Pencil Lead Carving* 6. *Battery Lead Carving* 7. *Colour Crayons Carving* 8. *Chalk piece Carving* 9. *Tamarind seed Carving* 10. *Coal Carving* 11. *Terracotta* 12. *Rice Work* 13. Thermocol Work* 14. *Glass Painting* 15. *Candle Work* 16. *Paper Craft* 17. *Bottle Work* All these works are available in his own small museum. Record Code - URFNREC160016

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